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Our Strategy.

Risk-adjusted performance, transparency of investment process, liquidity and efficiency assist our clients in meeting their investment objectives. Our long-term strategic approach focuses on ways to protect, improve and extend our model, which in turn allows us to deliver excellent stakeholder outcomes in a wide range of market conditions. We take a long-term approach to how we run our business, while engaging stakeholders and investing to strengthen our proposition and creating future value through maximising our potential and identifying new opportunities.

Our culture combines expertise, service and relationships with teamwork, integrity and prudence. Adhering to these attributes ensures that we continue to provide excellent service for our customers and clients over the long term and supports the strong reputation we have built with our stakeholders. We’re proud of our people whose expertise, passion and willingness to go the extra mile really set us apart. It’s what builds our long-term relationships with clients and customers that stand the test of time.

Team Work

We promote teamwork in a fair and open environment, where individuals and their contributions are valued and respected.


We take the time to understand and build strong long-term relationships with our clients, customers and all our stakeholders.


We care about delivering excellent service and thinking that’s both entrepreneurial and disciplined.


We insist on trustworthy behaviour and always acting with integrity doing the right thing internally and externally.


We are committed to fostering a culture that attracts talent, grows and builds the expertise of our employees.


We take a prudent, robust and transparent approach to risk management.